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Are We Right For Each Other?

Is this soap right for you?

I create my soap for the type of person that is trying to stay away from toxic chemicals in their food and water, and enjoy knowing what they put on their skin is healthy for them.

When the label says goat milk, cow milk or sheep milk, that means I've sourced it from a local (Montana) farm.

When the label says tallow, I've sourced it locally (Montana) and rendered it myself.

When the label says raw honey that means it's honey from my apiary on my own farm.

When the label says infused olive oil, that means I've infused it myself, usually with botanicals I've grown myself, organically.

When the label says coffee, yes! That means coffee beans from a local coffee house that I've actually brewed myself.

I often use natural colorants, like madder, clays, turmeric, dandelions, chamomile and more. Some natural colorants may temporarily discolor a towel. 

About my process

All of my soaps are created in small batches, and I intentionally use the most natural ingredients available to me. 

Each batch has been hand crafted and hand poured making each bar unique in design. I cut each bar by hand and they weigh between 4 - 5 ounces unless otherwise stated on the label.

As with any soap, keep out of eyes and mouth. If irritation occurs discontinue use.